• SW-III Camera Stabilizer
  • SW-III Camera Stabilizer

SW-III Camera Stabilizer

The SW-III Camera Stabilizer is a second generation of mobile shooting shock absorber auxiliary equipment developed by our company. The product is quick to install, flexible to operate, and all the technical indicators have reached the international level, once introduced, the product has been well received by many customers.

The SW-III Camera Stabilizer can effectively solve the problems of shaking, swaying, waggling, vibrating that the camera will inevitably produce when it is on shoulder or on hand during shooting by the combined action of shock-absorbing mechanism and balancing mechanism. This product can be used in many kinds of shooting occasions, especially in large-scale meeting, sports competition report, news interview and fast moving shot in the indoor and outdoor of film and TV dramas, and can be used for motorcycle, car, train, airplane and other special occasions.

The shock absorber arm is made of high performance shock absorber spring and high strength aviation material. it can be equipped with double arms or single arms according to demand. The balance system has the function of camera inversion, the center standpipe is adjustable, flexible and elastic, it is convenient for camera's horizontal adjustment and ultrahighangleor ultra-lowangle shooting, the cameraman can work with facility and get smooth picture.

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