Manned Elevator

  • SJC7-I Manned Elevator
  • SJC7-I Manned Elevator
  • SJC7-I Manned Elevator
  • SJC7-I Manned Elevator

SJC7-I Manned Elevator

    Incorporating many ideas and suggestions of both similar products and jib operators, SJC7-I Manned Elevator is developed for great studio center, especially for Outdoor TV serial shooting. The cameramen are able to shoot pictures of dynamic and smooth as his like.

    Selecting high-strength alloy as material, SJC7-I Manned Elevators are developed under the control of military products quality control system. Featured with compact structure and stable operation, SJC7-I is internationally advanced in its quality, appearance and performance, and widely won the reliability from customers.

    By extending the crane (optional) and combining with our platform control system, SJC7-I can be employed as 10m electric-controlled crane, which provide the user more options!

Technological specifications:

Total length                           6.5m             

Assembly length                       6.5m; 5.5m; 4.5m; 3.5m

Max. Optical height                    5.8m            

Max. Optical height                    1 m

Bracket height                        1.65m           

Titling                              360°

Payload                             180KG(double-seat)

Track gauge                          0.62m              

Bob-weight                          480Kg

Operation mode              both for pneumatic wheel and track wheel

Standard Configuration

1.       Dolly basis                                   1

2.       Pyramid adaptor                              1set

3.       Jib                                         1 set

4.       Front/rear jib                                 2 sets

5.       Lengthen jib                                  3 sets

6.       Manned platform                              1 set

7.       Pull rod bracket                               1 set

8.       Titled pull rod                                 10 pieces

9.       Parallel rod                                  5pieces

10.  Riser column extension                         1 set

11.  Stander ball adaptor (Camera)                 1set

12.  Offset ball adaptor  (Camera)                 1set

13.  Bob-weight box                               1set

14.  Bob-weight                                   32 pieces/480Kg

15.  Bob-weight fine adjustment                      1 set

16.  Level bar                                    1

17.  User’s manual                                1

18.  Packing Cases (Aluminum alloy)                 3

                 (Wooden)                      3


1.       Stander ball adaptor(Camera)                 1 set

2.       Offset ball adaptor(Camera)                  1 set

3.       Track wheels                                 4 sets

4.       Track(Stainless steel)                        8 sections/10.4m

5.       Lengthen jib                                  1 set

6.       Control system                                1 set

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