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  • SJB12-I Cam Crane
  • SJB12-I Cam Crane
  • SJB12-I Cam Crane

SJB12-I Cam Crane

  • Serial Number:1060991967


    Date:2013-12-20 13:09:30

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    Taking advantage of the features of the similar products in the world , SJB12-I is developed as a triangle-type elevation crane after the success of SSY10-I(square-tube)、SSY12-I(circle-tube). It is composed of four parts: foldable mobile dolly, foldable tripod, triangle-tube crane and electric control system. The crane is made of reinforced aluminum alloy for aviation use, and all surfaces are plastically winkled as matte. It featured with light weight and easy delivery. The unit of control system shall be selected in accordance with the standard of JIMMY’s Remote Control System. A continuous control on camera is available in tilting, panning, zooming, focusing, aperture and VCR. The crane is of 12m long and able to be assembled in different length in accordance with the practical requirement. Triangular cross section is designed to increase the strength of the crane, the black-matte-winkle-plastic process is conducted for decreasing the reflection, and the aluminum alloy packages protect your devices from damage during the transfer and delivery. Meanwhile, our low price also can promise you the high performance. 

Technical specifications:



Total length 
Assembled length              
Max. Optical height           
Bracket height                  
Power supply                    
Battery, 220V/50Hz
Battery operation time             
Camera tilting                   
Camera panning                  

Configuration list:  

1.Jib                          12m                       

2.Tripod                       1 set        

3.Operation dolly                1 set         

4.Mounting bracket              1 set         

5.Rope                        3 sets         

6.Platform integration            1 set         

7.Main control cable             15 m        

8.Servo                       1 set         

9.Operation Handle             1 set         

10.Control box                  1 set         

11.Battery box                  1 set         

12.Specialized tool               2 pieces         

13.Aluminum alloy package       3 pieces        

14.Bob-weight                  385Pa        

15.User’s manual               1 piece 

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