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  • BC-II Dolly
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  • BC-II Dolly

BC-II Dolly

Based on the market requirement and update of the similar products, BC-II Dolly is developed with its features of compact structure, light weight,as well as the easy installation and delivery. BC-II is widely applied to shows, MTV, advertisement, outdoor filming and sport shows to obtain a smooth and stable picture. Due to its easy handling, the dolly may greatly save your labor and cost.

Made of high-strength stainless steel and highly-elastic rubber, BC-II Dolly is characterized with good shock absorption and stable operation. With high-strength stainless steel in addition, BC-II rail track demonstrated as anti-rust, corrosion and collision, and safe delivery. BC-II Dolly is internationally advanced in its quality, appearance and performance, and widely won the reliability from customers.

Technological Specification:

Appearance                  1100X760     15KG

Track Gauge                   620mm

Straight track                  1.5m/section     7KG/section

Curve Track                   1.7m/section     7.5KG/section

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