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  • DBC-Ⅰ Multifunctional Camera Trackvehicle
  • DBC-Ⅰ Multifunctional Camera Trackvehicle

DBC-Ⅰ Multifunctional Camera Trackvehicle

DBC-Ⅰ multifunctional camera trackvehicle is a high-end multipurpose track mobile shooting auxiliary equipment developed by our company in 2012.

On the basis of similar products in the world, improved continually, product sleek, excellence of performance, the design of whole product is humanized and modular combination. The car body is made of high strength and low specific gravity aviation magnesium alloy.The steering mechanism is designed in parallel with four-axis linkage and two-axis linkage. The steering of the front and rear wheel steer can be controlled arbitrarily according to the needs of the site, flexible, the car body can travel in a straight line, and the front wheel turn, the rear wheel is not turn, the rear wheel is turn, the front wheel is turn, the front and rear wheel steer turned at the same time, it can also make thecar body rotate lens around the target to complete the special shooting requirements. Four groups of wheels and track wheels can running in parallel, there is no need to disassemble and replace on the track. The track wheel is made of imported polyurethane material. The damping and noise elimination performance are good. The fixed mode is designed with 180°rotary locking, easy to operate and control. This product is equipped with three-stage air pressure limitless lifting column, the height of setup is adjusted freely. At the same time , it is equipped with 2 pieces of car body widening plugboard, 4 pieces of heightening pedal, it can be free installation combination, and meet different scene shooting needs. This product is easy to install, the picture is smooth and fluent, it is the preferred of high-end film and television working group.

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