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  • ZBC-I Heavy Camera Truck
  • ZBC-I Heavy Camera Truck
  • ZBC-I Heavy Camera Truck
  • ZBC-I Heavy Camera Truck

ZBC-I Heavy Camera Truck

ZBC-Ⅰ heavy camera truck is new multi-functional mobile shooting auxiliary equipment developed by our company. This product has dual use of pneumatic wheel and track, beautiful appearance and quick installation. The center column of the truck is step-less lifting, the height of the machine is optional, and the cameraman seat is coaxially rotating, which makes the cameraman framing to finish at any angle. This product is equipped with ultra-low machine position installation accessories, which can make the camera move quickly on the ground to produce special view screen, and make your work more beautiful. The special four-wheel linkage design, which not only ensures that the truck body travels in a straight line, but also makes its body revolves around a circle of 1 meter in diameter to complete the special requirements of the site. The pneumatic wheel and track of the product can be replaced with each other easily and quickly. In large-scale recreational and sports activities, MTV production, advertisement shooting, film and television scenes, you can get smooth picture, fast installation, disassembly and transition, your team could save a lot of human, material, financial.

ZBC-Ⅰ heavy camera truck body is made of high-strength alloy material, compact structure, beautiful shape, stainless steel track antirust, anti-corrosion and anti-bumping, easy to transport and transition. High elastic rubber material is used on the track wheels of the car body, which has good damping performance and smooth running. The quality, appearance and performance of the whole set of products have reached the level of foreign similar products and trusted by the users.

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